How to use this site

Create Your Account

You must create an account in order to submit a Permission Request. Use the Register link at the top left of the site to create an account. Use the Log In link at the top left of the site to log in to an existing account. The Account detail section allows you change your name, School/Institute, email, and password. Once you log in you have access to your account information under two tabs, Account details and Requests history.

Menu Search Box

Use the Search area on the left side of the page to type in a keyword (e.g. cat) and then click the search button (magnifying glass). You can use the Image Detail Page to find keywords that might be useful to you in further searches.

Advanced Search Page

Click on the "Advanced Search" link under the Search Box to give you more options on how to search.

Browsing Images

To browse a category of images, click on one of the category links in the left menu. You will be presented with 12 thumbnail images per page, and you can adjust the amount of images per page by the drop down menu at the top and bottom of each page. The more images, the longer the page takes to load. Click on any thumbnail image in the search results to view a larger image with more detailed information.

Viewing Image Details

Each thumbnail image in the category galleries or search results can be clicked to view a larger image with a more detailed caption, magnification, keywords, and more. If you want to request permission to use the image, click the Add to Lightbox button.

The Lightbox

Here is where your selection for permission to use images is finalized. You can add any amount of images to the lightbox, and then when you are satisfied with your selection, you can pass the lightbox contents to to Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. for permission to use. Your request will be quickly reviewed, and responded to by email.