Caption: Soot (carbon) particles from the inside of a wood burning chimney. Soot, also known lampblack or carbon black, is a dark powdery deposit composed mainly of amorphous carbon. Soot accumulates as a deposit from unburned organic fuel residues such as wood products. It is a major component of smoke from the combustion of carbon-based organic fuels. Soot is generally sticky black substance that accumulates in chimneys, automobile mufflers and other surfaces exposed to smoke. Soot is considered an airborne particulate and thus is considered hazardous to the lungs and general health. Soot particles can be less than five micrometers in diameter and are not filtered out by the upper respiratory tract. Smoke from diesel engines, while composed mostly of carbon soot, is considered especially dangerous due to its particulate size and the many other chemical compounds present. Soot is used in the chemical industry. It has been used for many years as a common pigment used in paints, inks, and in toners for printers.
Magnification*: x160
Type: SEM
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