Caption: Acidobacterium sp. - coccoid, acidophilic bacterium (prokaryote). Acidobacteria are a distinct group of bacteria that have recently be identified as a new group of bacteria that have been given their own phylum name (Acidobacteria) based on 16S rDNA based molecular surveys. Acidobacteria occur in diverse habitats around the world. Their abundant presence in soil habitats (up to 50%) suggest they play an important ecological role. This group of microbes is difficult to culture. It is believed that these microbes may be able to play a role in bioremediation. Four species are known for the Acidobacteria phylum - Acidobacterium capsulatum, Geothrix fermentans, Holophaga foetida and Chloracidobacterium sp.
Magnification*: x5,000
Type: SEM
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