Caption: Bat mite (unknown genus). This blood sucking mite is an ectoparasite of bats in the United States. In the wild, bats are commonly infested by a variety of mites from numerous families in the suborder Mesostigmata. The life cyce of Mesostigmata mites ranges from 5-11 days and consists fo five stages: egg, larva, protonymph, deutonymph and adult. The first two stages occur in the bats habitat, whereas the latter three stages occur either on the host or alternating habitat / host. Most bat mites feed on the hosts blood and blood is commonly found in the digestive tract.
Magnification*: x24
Type: SEM
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Keywords: 21226A,01.01.03,arachnid,arachnids,bat,bat mite,blood sucking mite,ectoparasite,mite,parasite,Suborder Mesostigmata,SEM