;Caption: Hyphae and fruiting structures (sporangia) of Absidia corymbifera (also known as Mycocladus corymbifer). Seen here are hyphae and typical pyriform-shaped sporangia of Absidia corymbifera with conical-shaped columella and pronounced funnel-shaped apophysis. Rhizoids normally form at the point of contact with the substrate (now shown). Absidia corymbifera is found worldwide in soil and decaying organic matter. In indoor environments it has been isolated from carpet and mattress dust, potted plant soil and bird droppings. It poses an inhalation and deep skin (dermal) inoculation health risks especially to individuals with weak immune systems. It also poses a health risk related to major barrier breaks such as corneal perforation, major surgery, peritoneal or venous catheter presence, and injection drug use. Absidia corymbifera has also been reported to cause invasive infections in AIDS patients. Absidia corymbifera is a common human pathogen causing pulmonary, rhinocerebral and gastrointestinal zygomycosis. Cutaneous types of infections can also occur. It is also associated with animal disease, especially mycotic abortion.
Magnification*: x220
Type: SEM
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