Caption: Green alga (chlorophyte) growing on the bark of a tree, Protococcus sp. (syn. Pleurococcus sp.). Vegetative cells are undergoing division. It is often referred to as moss but it is a green alga. It is commonly found as a thin, green covering the moist, shaded side of trees, rocks, and soil. The cells are spherical and often clumped forming small masses or short filaments. The cells posses thick cell walls which protect them from water loss.
Magnification*: x840
Type: SEM
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Keywords: alga,algae,bark,chlorophyte,dividing,division,eukaryote,green,Pleurococcus,Protococcus,terrestrial,terrestrial alga,tree bark,wood,SEM,green alga,green algae,03.01.09,92744A,Protococcus viridis,Pleurococcus vulgaris