Caption: Raccoon intestinal roundworm (nematode - Physaloptera sp.). Shown in this image is the stomodeum or mouth region of the adult Physaloptera nematode that attaches to the intestinal wall. Physaloptera species occur in the stomach of a variety of terrestrial vertebrates, especially dogs and cats. They are usually firmly attached to the gastric or duodenal mucosa by the stomodeum. Physaloptera spp. can cause acute gastritis, anemia, severe weight loss and sometimes death. Eggs are passed in the feces and can become infective in 2-3 weeks. Mice and frogs may be paratenic hosts. After a dog/cat comes in to contact with contaminated feces or ingests infective eggs/larvae (from a paratenic host), development of larvae to adults immediately occurs in the intestine. Coprophagous grubs, crickets, cockroaches and beetles can also carry infective larvae. Baylisascaris is a related genus of roundworms that infects more than 40 animal species, including humans. Baylisascaris procyonis is the species that occurs in raccoons and can be deadly to humans.
Magnification*: x7
Type: SEM
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