Caption: Orange Black Damselfly (Tripler Damselfly) tarsus and tarsal claw (Megalagrion xanthomelas). Megalagrion xanthomelas is an endemic Hawaiian damselfly species. This damselfly is a lowland species that lives near pools of slow moving fresh or brackish water. Like most damselflies, the males are a bright color - red, while the females are a paler shade - tan. Damselflies lay their eggs in the tissues of plants near pools of water. The naiads, or immature damselflies, live in the submerged plants in these pools. They are voracious predators, just like dragonfly naiads. Adult damselflies live in the protective vegetation surrounding streams and wetlands. Adult damselflies feed on small flying insects. Insect claws are used to hold on to rough vegetation surfaces such as leaves and flowers.
Magnification*: x50
Type: SEM
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