Caption: Convict cichlid mouth neuromasts and teeth (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum). This image shows the upper jaw / lip region of the cichlid. Round neuromasts are present on the outside and inner mouth (lip) region. Neuromasts are surrounded by skin epidermal cells. The neuromast is a sensory organ (mechanosensory) that consists of a cluster of sensory hair cells that are connected to nerve cells. Neuromasts are part of the lateral line and other head areas of most fish. They are found either on the skin surface or in pit organs. They are used to detect motion or vibrations in the water, especially hydrodynamic water flow across the fish surface. Teeth are seen emerging from the inside the jaw line. Note that newly emerging teeth are not sharp whereas older adult teeth are sharply pointed. Cichlid teeth are as diverse as their jaws and are key components of their trophic machinery. All cichlids have widely spaced, unicuspid, first-generation teeth. The convict cichlid, Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum (formerly known as Archocentrus nigrofasciatum), is a laterally compressed cichlid with an oval body shape. It is an aggressive fish despite its size.
Magnification*: x140
Type: SEM
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