Caption: Methylotrophic yeast (Komogataella pastoris, fromerly known as Pichia pastoris). This methylotrophic yeast was isolated from nature and can consume methanol as a sole carbon source when glycerol or glucose is not found as a food source. It is a recombinant organism that is used to produce large quantities of specialized proteins. To metabolize methanol Komogataella pastoris has an alcohol oxidase (AOX) gene. The K. pastoris expression system uses the methanol-induced alcohol oxidase promoter (AOX1) which controls the gene that codes for the expression of alcohol oxidase (the enzyme which catalyzes the fist step in the metabolism of methanol). Using genetic techniques genes for pharmaceutical proteins can be inserted next to the AOX-gene in Komogataella allowing the yeast to produce the protein. A number of proteins have been produced using this system, including tetanus toxin fragment, Bordatella pertussus petactin, human serum albumin and lysozyme.
Magnification*: x1,600
Type: SEM
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