Caption: Northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum). O. sylviarum occurs throughout the temperate regions of the world and is found in domestic fowl and in many wild bird species. A close relative, the tropical fowl mite (O. bursa), occurs in warmer regions of the world and primarily infests poultry, pigeons and sparrows. O. sylviarum spends most of its adult life on the avian host while immature stages and young adults are associated with nesting materials. With lack of the avian host the adult mites will move into buildings and infest mammals and humans. The bite is irritating to man and some individuals react to the bite with prolonged itching and painful dermatitis.
Magnification*: x30
Type: SEM
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Keywords: 23160C,09.01.04,arachnid,arachnids,bird mite,bird parasite,dermatitis,feather mite,fowl mite,Group Parasitformes,human pest,invertebrate,invertebrates,mite,northern fowl mite,Order Acari,Ornithonyssus,Ornithonyssus sylviarum,Suborder Mesostigmata,SEM