Caption: Green alga (Acetabularia peniculus. Acetabularia is a genus of green marine algae commonly found in subtropical waters. It is a single-celled organism (alga) that is the largest single cell known to science. Acetabularia has three basic parts: its rhizoid (a short set of root-like appendages that contain the nucleus and anchor the cell to a substrate) - a long median stalk and an apex, where its whorled cap forms. The genus name, Acetabularia, means 'little cup' and most species have a cup-shaped appearance at the apex. The main cellular stalk is elongated and bears a single fertile whorl (reproductive fruiting structure) at its apex. A. peniculus has a whorl that radiates in different planes and it not as cup-shaped as in other Acetabularia species. The whorl branches will eventually contain gametangia (reproductive cysts). Because of it size Acetabularia is important in cell biology and genetic research: particularly nucleus experiments and it role in growth and structure.
Magnification*: x24
Type: LM Darkfield
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