Caption: Green alga, desmid (Micrasterias sp.). Desmids are a common group of freshwater unicellular, green algae that have intricate cell walls. Micrasterias species are placoderm desmids that have the cell wall divided into two symmetrical halves (semi-cells). The semi-cells are joined by a narrow central region called the isthmus. Visible in this image is a transparent nucleus (grey) that is located in the isthmus region. Each semi-cell contains a single large chloroplast which possess chlorophyll A and B pigments that are used in photosynthesis. Synthesized sugars are stored in small pyrenoids located in the chloroplast. The bright transparent edge is the algal cell wall, with an inner cellulose layer & an outer pectin layer. Micrasterias species are highly adapted to nutrient poor, acidic water and are commonly used in environmental protection and management as bioindicators. Micrasterias is the most important genus of desmids for indicating water quality because these algae are extremely sensitive and respond to their immediate environment.
Magnification*: x80
Type: LM Darkfield
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