Caption: Light micrograph of pyramidal neurons (pyramidal nerve cells) in the mammalian hippocampus. These pyramidal neurons from the hippocampus CA1 region have been stained with the electron dense marker horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The hippocampus pyramidal nerve cell has a triangular cell body with a large primary dendrite (apical dendrite) extending from the apex of the cell body. It also has several dendrites leading from bottom (basal) edge of the cell. One long axon usually extends from this basal region. Dendrites gather information for processing by the cell body. After processing, information is passed on through the cell's axon. The hippocampus has the shape of a curved tube in most mammals. It has shape similar to a seahorse and has localized subdivisions CA1 through CA4. The hippocampus is an extension of the edge of the cerebral cortex. The structures that line the edge of the cortex make up the so-called limbic system, that include the hippocampus, cingulate cortex, olfactory cortex, and amygdala. The hippocampus plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation. Other activities governed by the limbic system include memory formation, reproduction, expression of fear, rage, and pleasure.
Magnification*: x80
Type: LM Brightfield
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