Caption: Pillbug - crustacean, isopod (Armadidillium vulgare). Isopods are omnivores or scavengers feeding on dead or decaying plants or animals. Some may eat live plants. Isopods breathe with gills, so they are restricted to areas with high humidity, under rocks or logs, in leaf litter or in crevices. When disturbed they can roll in to balls to protect themselves (thus the nickname rollie pollie).
Magnification*: x12
Type: SEM
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Keywords: 98093D,Armadidillium,Armadidillium vulgare,Class Malacostraca,Crustacea,crustacean,invertebrate,invertebrates,lateral,Order Isopoda,pillbug,pill bug,\r\nrollie pollie bug,SEM,isopod