Caption: Excitatory (asymmetric) synapses on a neuron dendrite (central nervous system). Two axon terminals (dark yellow) form excitatory synapses on a dendrite (green). Chemical synapses are specialized ?junctionsÎ through which nerve cells signal one another or other non-neuronal cells such as muscles. At a typical synapse an axon and a dendrite flank each other across a slender gap (synaptic cleft (purple and pink). Signaling molecules, known as neurotransmitters, are contained in tiny vesicles of the axon (light yellow). Neurotransmitters pass rapidly from axon to dendrite triggering an electrical impulse.
Magnification*: x16,245
Type: TEM
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Keywords: 1962B,asymmetric,axon,central nervous system,CNS,dendrite,excitatory,neuron,synapse,nerve cell,TEM,synaptic vesicle,synaptic vesicles