Caption: Parasitic tachyzoites (trophozoites) that cause toxoplasmosis in humans (Toxoplasma gondii). These crescent shaped cysts produce chronic infections in vertebrates. Cats are the main host but all animals can become infected. Cats excrete oocysts in their feces, contaminating soil and causing infections. Infection can also occur through ingestion of undercooked meat and by direct contamination. This organism is extremely common worldwide and in most cases can pass without symptoms. However pregnant women are highly susceptible and still birth and congenital deformities can occur.
Magnification*: x1,200
Type: SEM
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Keywords: 20659B,protozoa,protozoan,toxoplasmosis,trophozoites,tachyzoites,parasite,mammal vector,pathogen,cyst,feces,Toxoplasma gondii,human disease,SEM