Caption: Small intestine villus. Two columnar epithelial cells with microvilli on surface and epithelial glycocalyx. Note the junctional complexes where the cells are connected (terminal bar). Starting from the base of the microvilli the regions are - outer region: Zonula occludens (tight junction) - middle region: Zonula adherens - inner region: macula adherens (desmosome).
Magnification*: x6,480
Type: TEM
Copyright 1997 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Keywords: 14628E,columnar epithelial cell,desmosome,epithelia,epithelium,intestine,junction complex,macula adherens,microvilli,microvillus,small intestine,terminal bar,villi,villus,zonula adherens,zonula occludens,TEM,epithelial glycocalyx,02.01.06