Caption: Emerald cockroach wasp head (Ampulex compressa). This wasp is a predator of cockroaches. It stings the cockroach twice - the first sting in the thorax area causes a short and reversible paralysis, while the second sting near the subesophageal ganglion results in submissive, lethargic behavior. After the female wasp has prepared a nest, she returns to the cockroach and brings it back to the nest. Frequently the cockroache's antenna are severed to allow feeding on the hemolymph. The nest is closed after the wasp deposits an egg on the surface of the cockroach. It has been shown that American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) groom themselves beyond their normal grooming patterns when stung by Ampulex compressa. They continue to do so even as the wasps cut the ends off their antennae and drink from them.
Magnification*: x4
Type: SEM
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